Welcome to the Gary Willis Art Archive

Willis is a vertical raider, claiming no language as native tongue and no culture as indigenous. He is a contextualist appropriating visual language and themes relevant to his own personal concerns, as well as his current environment, such that each body of work bears little resemblance to the previous. Willis has no one style. This is a reliable trait throughout all his work.
Kate Challis ' ... like a masked traveller drifting through time... ' - London 1997

1970s - Conceptual activities

1970s - Conceptual activities - Post-object events - Conceptual Installations & Performances - Art & Appropriation - Video & New Wave


1980s - Post-conceptual painting

1980s - Post-conceptual painting - Melbourne - Sydney - London - Sydney


1990s - Appropriation of European painting

1990s - Appropriation of European painting - Neo-Expressionism - Neue Wilde - Expressionism - Ecole de Paris - The Spanish School


2000s - Appropriation of Antipodean painting

2000s - Appropriation of Antipodean and Colonial Painting and Neo Pop