Eva Schramm & Gary Willis - Reconnaissance Gallery - Melbourne - 1982

 installation future girl sml

Central Journals - installation view 1982 - Reconnaissance Gallery, Fitzroy Melbourne

Eva Schramm's 'Future Girl' pictured front & center.

  ... for a change, here are two artists showing highly charged responses to central Australia, Willis works use landscape photography and language as a mode of self-portraiture.
Nation Review - 1982

naka - naka sml

NAKA-NAKA - Oil paint & electrical tape on 'C' type photographs (Ghost Gums - Central Australia)

Collection, National Gallery of Australia

Works from this exhibition were acquired by N.G.A. - A.G.S.A. - A.G.W.A. and exhibited;

'Perspecta 1983' - Art Gallery of N.S.W.

'Beyond Traditional Photography' - The Drill Hall - A.N.U.

'The Centre' - Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of Western Australia

'Willis has learnt from experience that it is impossible to adopt a foreign culture in a simple fashion  ... unilke other artists who have adoped aboriginal themes into their work, ... ... ... , Willis recognises the otherness of Aboriginal culture ... his own reference remains at a remove, set appart, ironic'

Move to Sydney - 1982