Diary of a Room - Roslyn Oxley Gallery - Sydney - 1983
Large scale - Spirit marker on cotton drawings - Laminated

These drawings are derived from dream notations transcribed during the period in Melbourne after having completed the 'Central Journals' series, which had used similar range of marking and representational drawing set into mural scale landscape photographs, from Central Austrlaia.

Originally I had intended the 'Diary of a Room' drawings were to be marked into black and white photographs of some of the derelict spaces I had inhabited in late 1982. In the end, I decided not to use the photgraphs but rather to place a greater weight on the impact of the drawing itself.

'Drawing and its act mingle imperceptibly with its icon. This is not another drawing show, not another 'works on paper', not 'black & white', although it is all of these in time. This is drawing with an accomplished sense of purpose; new form resonant with implication ... too large, too raw for the commercial image market, which politely vandalises Lionel Lindsay.'
Richard McMillan - 'Captive Spirals' Sydney - 1984







'Not all Australian art is concerned with the landscape of the eucalypt ... Gary Willis' exhibition could be considered landscape based but a landscape felt rather than a landscape percieved ... a psyco-biological environment which becomes the landscape of the interior.'
Neville Weston - Adelaide Advertiser - 1983

The oil pastel on cotton rag, above was a part of the drawing process that I used to transition into the next body of work; 'Future Memoirs'.  This body of work was not exhibitied as a part of either the 'Diary of a Room exhibition or the following 'Future Memoirs' show.