Courtesy of Arthur and Yvonne Boyd I lived at Bundanon during 1989

1989 was a time before before the 5,000 hectare property was gifted to the people of Australia by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd and became The Bundanon Trust that it is known as today.

This was a complex time for me.  I explored a number of approaches to the new situation which obliged considerable change.

I have never exhibited any of the work from this period.

During this time I filled numerous note books and produced a broad spectrum of works, including;

Many imaginative drawings and oil studies;

A large number of small oil landscape paintings (plein-air);

A few portraits (in different styles),;

A small series of skull studies

A series of large expressive paintings

My archives of this work are limited. 





'Skull with star map' - Private Collection, London


'One & three musicians' (Skull with Violin) - Collection of the artist



There were many plain air oil landscape paintings don eduring this time - the following are a sample of landscape drawings - these are from Eerie Park - Bundanon 1989.


bundanon drawing 0



bundanon drawing 1


bundanon drawing 2


bundanon drawing 3

With the gift of a series of canvases from Arthur

I completed a series of large mixed media paintings. These paintings are large unnamed and have never been exhibited.


art  tex


yh wh - bundanon


the imp


fire bundanon