vost cropped

Ubermensch: VOST

(Ronn Morris for Gary Willis - 2002)


It's like that Ferlinghetti poem: "In Goya's Greatest Scenes" we seem to see

The people of the world exactly at the moment when they first attained

The title 'suffering humanity'. Only in this painting of Leichhardt, all alone,

The explorer kneels with paintbrush in mouth,

And speaks with this non-tongue, his death.


Silence is a grammar. This man, with golgotha eyes, says,

My life streaks the horizon and will fade in a swirl of stars.

Once, he recalls, I wrote to that hard man, my father,

Saying, I am on top of a mountain over looking a landscape

Writ large where formerly I had crawed through narrow valleys.


How was I to know all Antipodean summits areold and small? They leach the will,

Becoming Mount hopeless, Mount Disappointment, Mount Desolation, Mount Despair.

I have become a man who lives and dies in obscurity.

This ruinous flatland speaks cleanly as it obliterates me. Its heat fires me,

It darks the flesh, and ripes the heart. It says Herr Docktor, Herr Fraud: life is bitter; your blood is sweet.


Ronn Morris - Melbourne, December, 2002.


'VOST' - Installation - Faculty Gallery - R.M.I.T. University - 2002